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Friday, December 10, 2010

A few exciting things...

We've had a couple exciting and WONDERFUL things happen lately to our family...and hold the comments/questions/concerns about pregnancy:  I AM NOT. 
That said, about a year ago Dylan starting talking about applying for a scholarship that the Air Force offers to graduate students.  It's called the Health Professions Scholarship.  In exchange for 3 years of commitment to the Air Force after graduation from optometry school, they pay for 2 years of school, books and equipment.  Additionally, they pay a monthly stipend and guaranteed a job after graduation.  After months of waiting anxiously, Dylan received a call that he had been chosen to receive the scholarship. For so many reasons we are excited about this opportunity and for so many reasons I am proud of Dylan.  He has worked hard to maintain good grades, has established sound relationships with professors who were happy to recommend him for this, and passed the physical part of the application as well(not in any part due to my constant baking of cookies, candy, and sweets).  In a few days he will sign his name on the dotted line, and by May will be sworn in as an Air Force Lieutenant.  Upon graduation, he will be an officer.  It's all very exciting, and sounds fancy to me... :)

The second exciting thing I have to share is that Trader Joes is once again carrying their dried pineapple.  It is a favorite treat of mine and I was CRUSHED when they stopped selling it last year.  On Tuesday I dropped in to pick up a few things(their boxed gingerbread mix is divine) and low and behold...there it was.  It was an exciting day....yes, I am easily pleased and my life is that simple.

Lastly, Dylan and I have a secret scoreboard of who is right most often....not about anything in particularly, just different (and important) things that come up in life...ie: who sang certain songs, who ate more of the salt and vinegar kettle chips, and which of us slept in later on Saturday.  See what I mean?!  Important things.
So tonight we had a debate going about whether Reeces pieces had chocolate between the peanut butter and shell, or not.  He said they did, I said they did not.  So we broke one open and guess what...they don't.  Yessss.  Tally one up for me(don't worry, the score is not even close to being even...I'm leading by a long shot), which really makes my night. 

So, what's your vote??



  1. Wow!! Congratulations to you and Dylan!! I'm sure that is such a relief. Seems like we had a discussion about this last year...never sure how things will actually work out, but somehow, they do. Your family's own little Christmas miracle. You've been so patient with having to be so careful about money and making things work with the kids while he's been at school and studying...this as just as much a reflection of your hard work as his. Congratulations to both of you!!

  2. i think i'm more proud of you for writing on this blog than i am about the scholarship. jk. remember how i cried? awwwwwesome. love you. and i love dried pineapple....please bring me some when you come to visit. xoxo. squeeze the babes for me.

  3. lol! That's awesome! It's those kinds of things...surprisingly...that keep us young and in love! Miss you guys!

  4. Hey guys! First of all, congratulations to Dylan! What a great accomplishment! What a blessing to know that tuition is paid for and you'll have a job lined up, etc. Your three kids are darling, I'm glad you're starting a blog. I've had one but I haven't posted since last April. Ooops. I think I'll be making it a New Year's goal to post more. :)

    P.S.- Isn't Trader Joe's the best?? I shopped there all of the time when we lived in Virginia, and now they just got one here in OMaha and I couldn't be happier! :)

  5. Yay Dylan! That is so exciting.

    Keith and I also tally important things, love it!