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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Two weekends ago we had a guest...which was so fun.
Have I mentioned I LOVE visitors?
Anyone who wants to come here...you're invited.
And I have a hide-a-bed.
And 3 obnoxious cuddly children who LOVE visitors also.

My friend Jen came.
She is my twin.
Same birthday...same hospital...same parents (that part is not true, but we suspect it might be).
People say we look alike...I don't really see it.
But they're probably right...because most twins do.

I met Jen in college.
Prepare to be traumatized.
I debated showing this picture, because I am so fat...think freshman 15.  Okay more like 20 if I'm being honest.
Jen is on the right.
And we're doing an air high-5 after successfully completing a practical joke on some boys.
We were awesome like that.

seriously...look right above my belt. 
2 words: muffin top.
2 other words: not cute.

halloween 2001.
jen, your eyes are closed.  and i'm still fat.

We lived in the dorms together and soon realized we were meant to be friends.
And have been since.

Jen flew in from Boise on Friday and stayed for the entire weekend.
We shopped for 3 days straight.

our finds...

and more...

and more...

and more...

and more...

It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
And amazing really...that we could buy shop so much.
We went to every shopping center, Goodwill, the bins and thrift store within 30 miles.
And Target...of course.

My best finds?

old navy striped tank top. $1.99.

love the color blocking.
and the wrinkles.

one clothing striped tank top with braided belt. $2.99.

forever 21 red/white striped cropped jacket. $.40.

zara brown suede wedge boots with a leather cuff. $15.00.

ag capris. $3.50.
awesome find!  these retail for $170.00. love finds like this!

vintage floral sun dress. $.50.

navy blue patent leather duffle. $.50.

On top of the wonderful shopping, it was so fun to catch up.
And by catch up I mean bruschetta, late nights, laughing, and inside jokes.
And by inside jokes, I mean being really immature. 

There's nothing more comfortable than an old friend.
Old as in years we've known each other...not old age.
Just thought I should clarify.
Yah for visitors. 
And good friends!


ps: I have some serious catching up to do on my blog.  Prepare for an overload of posts.


  1. Awesome finds! I am in love with that bag! I need to find me some bins!

  2. I'm so glad I got to come and shop for 2 days (not 3, because I would never shop on Sunday). I wish we lived closer. I think I have said that a million times, but maybe if I say it enough, it will come true. Miss you, twin!

  3. I love how every bag holding your treasures is a goodwill bag. I am ready to start a strict and regular bins regiment.

  4. So I just love all your great finds! I have always thought I was a bargain shopper but wow good work! :)