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Friday, April 15, 2011

the bins

This last week the stars aligned and the heavens opened...and I had a few free hours...all alone. 
It was glorious.
I knew just where I wanted to do with my time:
visit the bins.
You know... glorified dumpster diving.
The last 2 times I've been there, it's been a total disappointment. 
Something about leaving empty-handed, makes you feel that digging through other peoples underwear is NOT WORTH IT AT ALL (and maybe a touch disgusting). 
I decided to try my luck again this week though, because I've had some really great finds there.  I only had an hour so I didn't have time to make it through everything (think 35 dumpster-sized bins stuffed FULL of garbage treasures) but I did find a few things:

fossil purse

giant barbie coloring book, for harpers Easter basket

jeans for beckham...although they look light-washed and ugly in this picture, they're actually really cute and in perfect condition

Additionally, I got a Steralite plastic bin (in perfect condition) in Harpers closet and stores her shoes for next year.
I spent $2.98 on all 4 items.  
Even though the bins are disgusting and organized and busy and chaotic and filthy...
they're so wonderful.
And my faith in the bins was totally renewed, thanks to my most recent finds.
After experiencing the disarray and unorganization at the bins, I felt claustrophobic by the condition of my bathroom and decided to organize it and change it up a bit.  Because of the layout, I couldn't even open the 1 cupboard.  And the 1 drawer was so full and unorganized that we could barely find what we needed.

metal rack, $14.99, goodwill

$3.24, target


the towel bars in the bathroom were placed horribly, so i took them down and made my own...by 'made' i mean stuck a tack in the wall and hung the hand towel on it.  fancy.

my only decoration in the bathroom

extra hand towels...i'm sure they'll be unrolled and used as superhero capes or baby blankets by days end

It's not perfect, but it is more functional.
And it's organized.
And it's clean.
And it's not other people's underwear.


ps: just to clarify...I don't touch the underwear...I just dig around it.


  1. i love the bins. i wish we had one here. and your bathroom looks awwwwwwwesome. xoxo

  2. I really need to revisit the bins with a better attitude. I never have any luck. Maybe I am just not digging deep enough. That is it. Next week I am going to try again. You have given me the motivation.

  3. I want to go. But I need moral support. We should go together. As if we will ever have 3-4 hours alone without children at the same time. Brianne included.