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Thursday, February 28, 2013

life in pictures

Here are 283904 more pictures (of very poor quality) that I took on my phone these last few weeks.
Or if you hate minimally worded posts with a high volume of pictures (and a dash of sarcasm) then you should find some new reading material.

my breakfast staple...baked oatmeal with fresh fruit

ballerina in training.

I scoff at fast food most of the time, but do yourself a favor...
get in the car, drive to taco time, and get the crunchy shell taco
with no meat.
add so much hot sauce you might die.
you can thank me later.

the thing that gets me through most days.
my life is sad.

3 sick kids= 6 pillow pets, 5 blankets, and 46983 movies.

my guilty pleasure.
at 8:30am. 
health nut.

my new living room arrangement.
hello huge faces of my children.

I love craigslist Portland.
'classy boob light.'
yep, that's classy alright.

some days I have help doing my hair.
note to self: do makeup before posting a picture.

he fell asleep on the floor.
at 5pm.
there was no sleeping that night.
ps: I think he looks like dawson in this picture.

same seller. different ad.
still classy.

one day...the sun was shining.
so beckham and I drove.
and rocked out to good charlotte.

yes, please.

the kids are so happy to have their friend sophie back for
a few months. 

at the park.

last week I had a 'procedure' done (colonoscopy...tmi?  nope. we're all friends here.)
and while looking through my phone later, I realized I had taken
this picture of myself directly afterwards.
hospital juice in hand, and still high from the anesthesia.

on Saturdays I let the kids dress themselves.
against my better judgment.

7 years bad what?
also, get some windex.

after said 'procedure' my sweet friend laura (who also tended
my children ALL day) brought me dinner.
and the biggest box of jr. mints I've ever seen.
she's a saint.
ps: they are almost gone.

someone has a loose tooth.

a picture of 'mom' by beckham.

every now and then I have to tackle him and force him into a kiss.
to which he replies, 'ewwww. grossy.'
I hope he always thinks that about kissing.

are my children the only ones that trade in their full size pillow for one the size
of a square of toilet paper?
and then wear their socks on their hands to sleep?
thought so.

abbey has been going everywhere with us lately.

sometimes when the weather is awful, I get desperate.
and paint in my entryway.
don't tell my landlord.

safety first.


  1. Where to start. I pretty much have to weigh in on EVERY picture. I'll try to keep it short. The breakfast looks delish and the ice cream is a no brainer. I am currently finishing off an entire ice cream cake :) I really like the new living room arrangement (can't wait to see it in person) and I say hell to the yes about neon. And the lace. And you are looking very pretty with your looong hair. Also I think Beckham looks like a rock star. And I totally pain inside, like, every time. Miss you!

  2. Your blog posts are what get me up in the morning. maybe dramatic, but I do love them! I laughed at almost every picture. I am so curious (nosy) about your procedure. I really like the way your living room is set up, a lot! did you paint the chevron on the matte? and fyi, I've had to retype this same message 4 times because it wont let me post it AHHHH!

  3. My oldest son carried a black baby doll around for about a year. Her name was Hova. He sure loved her. I miss those days. I like your posts it's fun to see what you have done with all of your projects and of course your kids. Won't it be nice when Dylan is out of school and he can join in on the fun :)

  4. Loved all of these pictures. It was almost like Instagram, but like Instagram binging. ;) Your posts are so fun! They make me smile. And make me hungry, I'm glad you can appreciate food like me. Hahaha

  5. I miss you Tracy!!! You are so hilarious. I haven't been to the blog world in a while and I am a happy to check back in and see all the funny things you are up to. I love that someone else thinks those lights look like boobs...when my parents remodeled their kitchen and put those in that was the first thing I tought when I saw them!!! Boobs for lights....super classy!