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Monday, October 15, 2012

may through today, part 1

A friend of mine was behind on her blog and her sister suggested doing a short write up of important events with a few pictures to get caught up, instead of a separate post for each one.
And I'm copying her idea because I have become the most craptacular blogger in history.  And I need to get caught up.  And I'm desperate. 

I have thousands of pictures from our summer in Idaho.  So these are random, in no order, and many are from my phone, so are probably really low quality.
You're welcome.

lunch date with grandma hatfield.

beckham and baby chandler

lunch date with one of the men in my life.

this girl lived in the pool.
i loved living so close to one of my best friends after these years apart.
we have been friends since I was 17 and I absolutely love her.

once i discovered that carls jr. had strawberry fanta, i was a regular.
lunch with one of my best friends.  i hate living so far from her...
but every time we are
together it's like we have never been apart.

on a 'troll hunt' with uncle matt on our road trip to utah.

road trip.

bike ride.

chandler girl.

watching fireworks in logan, utah.

I got to spend every day with little Grace while we were living in Idaho.  She would come sit out by the pool with me and would sneak into our bed in the mornings and lay her little head on my feet under the covers.  I am so glad for the time I had with her this summer.  I've missed her terribly these last few years.
She died a few weeks ago from a massive heart attack. 

After returning home from Idaho, we spent every. single. day at the park.
Often in the company of these hooligans:

harper's mad photography skills.
and some random man's crotch.

Because the weather was divine and it wore the kids out and I knew that soon the rain would come and I would despise life every day for the next 10 months...but who's counting?!
I digress. 
One of our first days back at the park, Dawson was riding his bike on the skateboard park and was flattened by a GROWN man, also on a bicycle.  He ended up with a dislocated finger, lots of cuts and bruises, and a broken middle finger.  He was wearing a helmet, luckily:

looking completely stoned after his hospital visit.
I finally joined every other Oregonian and got Toms.  I'm official:

We made a trip to Lincoln City with the Conklin family.  I look forward to our week there every year. 


lincoln city

The kids started school in September. 
All three of them. 
That means that every Tuesday and Thursday I have 2 glorious child-free hours. 

Dawson started morning Kindergarten:

Harper is going full days at an art based preschool:

And I think she always looks so cute that most days I make her stop for a picture. 
Yep, I'm that mom.

she looks like she escaped from the set of Blossom.

Beckham is in preschool, the same school Dawson and Harper both attended:

We spent almost every happy hour at Sonic.  We LOVE it there and LOVE having one so close:

One weekend we made an impromptu trip to Tillamook:

there was a couple wearing backpacks and matching mullets.  rad.


We added another baby to the Conklin side of the family.  Liam Wallace Doherty was born to my sister Jennifer.  He's so cute and I am dying to meet him.  We already love him.

isn't he tiny?  10 lb 6 oz people.  one word: ouch.
and also, my sister is amazing.

My sister Betsy and niece Chandler made the trip from Utah and stayed with us for a whole week.  It was a blast.  I wish all my sisters could live here.

chandler is scared.  for obvious reasons.

farmers market with the kids.

ice cream at scotties.

chandler: 'shopping is so boring...i have resorted to eating my own hands.'
We made a trip to Seaside while Betsy and Chandler were here.

cozy.  especially for betsy.

beckham was thrilled.

taffy shop.

carosel ride

someone was too scared.  i don't blame him...humongous plastic animals? 

And we took some pictures on the boardwalk. 

It was a lovely day at the beach and a lovely week with family.

While writing this speed blog (with 97 pictures), I have been thinking about how fast the time is passing by.  I just know that the next time I blink too long, our time here in Oregon will be over. 
Dylan is 1/2 way done with his final year in Optometry school.  We should know by Spring where we'll be moving with the Air Force and where our next adventure will take us. 
I am praying for somewhere dry.
And sunny. 

But these last 3.5 years have taught me that even if it rains 10 months of the year, even if we live in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere USA, and even if we are way too far from family...
We will be fine. 
And we'll learn to love it. 
And will probably even be a little sad when it is over. 


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  1. Tracy, i love your blogs! Your writing is fantastic and so you. I can almost hear you saying it all :) And seeing all your pictures of Oregon...makes me miss those days when we were there. It is sad when it is over. It'll be exciting to hear where you go next!