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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

september 11

September 11th has special meaning in more than one way for me.

It is the day we mourn the loss of so many lives and remember how we came together as individuals, communities, and as a nation.  It is a time for us to reflect on our feelings from that cool Autumn morning and the chill that we felt as we watched the crumbling of the towers.  An opportunity to pay tribute in our own way to the men and women who cleaned up the destruction and slowly pieced back together a strong hope in the hearts of the American people.

A day to remember.

It is also the day in my life 7 years ago, that I accepted a proposal from this guy:

yes, he actually wore 'hooters' shirts frequently.
It is the day that marked the beginning of a new time in my life; A time free of past pain and insecurity, full of happiness and growing.  It is a day when I reflect on my feelings during that freezing hike to Mesa Falls where I stood stunned and surprised, but sure and content.

mesa falls

It provides an opportunity to reflect on the kids we were then...

right after i said 'yes.'

...and the family we have become. 

A day that changed my life forever.

If I could revisit that cold Autumn day and hear those sweet promises of love and commitment whispered to me again, I would say yes a million times over. 

I will always hold September 11th as a special day in my life.
A day to remember.



  1. Aw, I LOVED this post!! It made my heart warm and fuzzy for many different reasons. We are so happy you guys found each other... and that we are friends now too. ;) Can't believe it was 7 years ago! We're old.

  2. P.S. It took me 8 damn times to get that comment to publish using the "captcha" words. Because, apparently I am slow. And old.