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Sunday, November 18, 2012

a quick painful death

My computer died.
Just shut off right in the middle of a wonderful blog post I had poured my heart and soul into.

That last part was a lie.
But it really did die.
With no warning...

And then I totally freaked out and got all hysterical because I may or may not have been backing it up like I was told over and over and over to do. 
I'm awesome like that. 

Once I stopped hyperventilating and realized that the world was still intact, I took my broken little computer full of baby pictures, papers I've written for classes, and those infamous embarrassing pictures of my spouse to a repair man who was able to work miracles and pull them all off.
Crisis averted.

Luckily I'm getting a new laptop this week, so don't fret about missing my onceamonthpostwhereirambleabouteverythingandnothing.

You're welcome.

In the meantime, I thought I should share a couple craptactular iphone shots from the last few weeks.
Just so you knew I hadn't forgotten about you.
All 14 of you.

You're welcome.

not cheesy at all.
and yes, i'm a pirate.
three tiny people.
anxious to go outside.
sick babies are so sad.
 and also kind of awesome
because of their sudden interest in cuddling.

we had a sunny day this week...holla.
that means picnics and reading outside.

some days are just exhausting.

what will i do when i can't go to the goodwill and
find brand new $30 converse shoes for $5??

my first attempt at pie.
my crust was awful. 
attempt #2.
i ate the entire pan myself.
practice makes perfect...
and makes fat rolls.

how the kids entertain themselves while i am cooking.
laying out 284920 flashcards on the floor.

our new furniture arrangement.
i want something abstract for the bare wall.
because the room isn't random enough as is.

this girl never falls asleep in the car.
and i snap pictures while i'm driving..
.because i'm all about safety.

Happy Thanksgiving week friends.



  1. What happened to your giant-ass bookshelf? Isn't that the wall it was on?

  2. The flashcard picture made me laugh.
    and I love that huge mirror in the corner of your living room.
    I think you should update your blog with random pictures more often, they're my favorite posts!

  3. I loved the flashcard picture, too. Your kids are very organized...all the cards are perfectly arranged!! And such a cute living room, too!! If those are "craptacular," I'm not sure what to call my random shots :o) love you and your random pictures. Keep 'em coming...pretty sure there are at least 15 of us that look forward to your posts.

  4. Craptacu-what? Yeah right. Your posts are always the best.

  5. My mom has the best pie crust recipe ever - it used pastry flour which isn't easy to find - but totally worth it.