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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Don't be misled by the title of this post.
No no.
Dylan did not graduate.
He still has an eternity 11 months of school left....not that I'm counting.

But we did have a preschool graduation for Dawson and Harper.
Dawson starts kindergarten in the fall...what the?!
Harper will do one more year of preschool.
And since they were in the same class (their teachers are saints...with a touch crazy for taking them both, if you ask me) we got to see them both perform in their program.

the venue.
aka: the sanctuary of the church where the school meets.

The students all walked in with their 'caps' on.

They did a patriotic-themed singing program, complete with 'Grand Ol' Flag' and 'This Land'...it was precious.

Harper was singing so loudly, the stained glass windows were rattling. 

One of the highlights of my life is seeing her do something she loves.

After the singing, things got a little boring for the kids.

But regained momentum when they received their 'diplomas.'

the lighting in this picture is totally awesome.

sophie, dawson, and harper.

Luckily, refreshments were served shortly thereafter.
Which were a BIG hit.


Then it was time for more pictures.
Because the 327 I had already were barely enough.

The kids have been going to Wonder World for 3 years now, with Lynda and Chris as their teachers.  Dawson loves Lynda and Harper has a soft spot for Chris...mostly because she wears purple eyeshadow. 

And then it was time for pictures with friends.

harper and one of her best friends reagan.
reagan is one of the few people who harper was ALWAYS excited to see.
ryan, dawson, sophie, harper.
grant and dawson.
grant is a year older, so was not in dawsons class.
however, dawson is the president of grant's fan club.

We are so proud of our little graduates and thrilled we could be there for their big day!



  1. I miss you guys so much! As do the kids. They keep asking when they will see Dawson, Harper, and Beckham. Sad. P.s. love Beckham's face in the last picture.

  2. Those caps are awesome and hilarious!